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How To Pick the Perfect Carving Pumpkin

It’s now October, which means that it’s pumpkin season! Carving pumpkins is an activity that is enjoyable for all ages and can be done together as a family.

So you want to carve a pumpkin, but where do you start? Maybe you already have a design picked out that you desire to carve, but you don’t know how to pick out the perfect pumpkin for your art. Or maybe you want to pick out a pumpkin first, but want to be sure that it will work great with any design you will pick in the near future. Whatever the case may be, I’m here to tell you how you can spot the very best pumpkin when you go to a pumpkin patch or a store. Here are 5 tips to make sure you pick out the perfect pumpkin.

5 Tips to Make Sure You Pick Out the Perfect Pumpkin.

Pumpkin patch.jpg


1. Be on the Lookout For Soft or Mushy Areas.

A pumpkin used for carving should be firm. If one of your chosen, potential pumpkins has any soft or mushy areas, put it back. Softness can mean decay and that is destined for disaster when it comes to carving it. To avoid any problems, veer away from any pumpkins that aren’t firm and solid.

2. Blemishes Should Be Avoided.

When looking around at the different pumpkins, be careful to avoid any with a lot of brown spots or blemishes if possible. Any spots, no matter how big or small, mean that bugs have been eating it and very possibly burrowed into the pumpkin walls. If infested, it can mean that your pumpkin will rot a lot faster. It’s for the best to just leave the pumpkins that are potential bug homes.

3. A Good Shape is Important.

A round of oval pumpkin will look amazing, but preferably, they should be flatter in one area or side. This will make the pumpkin an easier canvas to carve on. When looking around at the different pumpkins, make sure you check the bottom of the pumpkin, too. A sturdy, flat bottom is efficient unless you are specifically looking for a lopsided pumpkin to carve on.

4. A Sturdy Stem.

A solid, dark green or black stem is something to look for. If the stem bends or breaks when you try to pick it up will lead to a disaster. A strong handle will make it easier to not just carry around but to carve it later on. You’ll thank yourself later for picking a pumpkin with a strong stem.

5. Thick Walls.

When searching through all the different pumpkins, be sure to knock on them and pay attention to the sound you hear. If it sounds hollow, it doesn’t have thick walls, which is a great quality to a carving pumpkin. It will make your job easier when carving it. However, if you are wanting a great pumpkin to cook, then a pumpkin with thicker walls will actually be best.

With these 5 essential things to look for when pumpkin picking, you will be able to find the best canvas for your carving needs! Enjoy the process of carving the pumpkin and don’t forget to get creative with your designs!

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