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How to Improve Your Mental Health

10 Things to Do to Better Your Mental Health

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1. Practice Self-Value

Avoid criticizing yourself. I understand how that is difficult at times, but do your best. When you catch a glance of yourself in a mirror, say or think of something that you value about yourself. Maybe it is your kindness or your gratitude–whatever it is, acknowledge and think about it.

Make time to do things you personally enjoy. Plan a specific time or part of your day to do something you truly love. Maybe your favorite hobby is writing, painting, taking a walk, or watching your favorite TV show. Whatever it may be–make sure to take at least a little bit of time each day to do it. Making time for yourself can greatly raise your mental health.

2. Better Your Surroundings

Take a look around. How many negative people are in your life? How many positive people do you find yourself spending time with? How clean is the space that you are living in?

You can start improving your mental health by removing all the negative people from it. Are there people in your life who are constantly shooting you down? People who focus on the bad things in life and carry bad habits? Stop spending so much time with them. You can easily catch onto and develop someone else’s habits just by spending a lot of time with them. Do yourself a favor and develop healthy habits, not negative ones.

How cluttered is the space around you? Having a messy room or house can negatively affect your mind. Living in a neat, clean space can have the effect of feeling more organized and less cluttered mentally.

3. Your Physical Health Can Play A Part, Too

If you are feeling down mentally, improving your physical health can help, believe it or not.

Start drinking more water.

A couple of years ago, I stopped drinking pop all-together. I started drinking a lot more water and then, later on, I decided that water was the only thing that I would drink (with an exception of an occasional glass of milk). If you don’t want to dive straight into the deep end, (I wouldn’t recommend it anyway) then start slow. Drink a glass or bottle of water in the morning as soon as you wake up–even before your morning coffee. This will start off your body in the right way. If you want to go even further, have a glass or bottle of water before each meal. This can actually help your digestion, too. Drinking more water will keep your body from fighting against dehydration and will help you think more clearly.


Start doing a couple exercises every now and then. If you aren’t one to exercise, then start slow. Take a walk around the block, or do a couple sit-ups and push-ups–whatever you can physically do. Start with exercising only a couple days a week. You don’t have to do it with the goal to improve your physical health. It has been proven to help relieve stress.

Eat Better

I’m not going to tell you to drop all foods with sugar and go straight toward the salads–that’s just unrealistic. Eating better can consist of many different things. Maybe you can start eating better by skipping that cookie that you usually eat every day after dinner, or by making eggs for breakfast instead of your usual Frosted Flakes cereal. Small steps like this can lead to bigger steps and a start to taking better care of your body. Less sugary and fattening foods will make you feel better physically and mentally.

Get More Sleep

It isn’t an untold fact that your body needs time to recharge. Making sure you get enough sleep at night can help you wake up in a better mood. Check out this link to see how much sleep The National Sleep Foundation thinks you should be getting each night –>¬†

4. Rest Your Mind

If you start feeling anxious, take a moment to relax. Practice some deep breathing, meditate, pray–anything that will calm you down in the moment or circumstance will do the trick. Try listening to calm, relaxing music, or just sit in a quiet space and focus on your own breathing. Even taking short moments throughout the day to give yourself a mental break will benefit your state of mind to get you through the rest of the day.

5. Learn to Cope With Stress

There’s no avoiding it–stress is part of life. If you are struggling, try practicing good coping skills like writing in a journal to relieve all your thoughts. Writing in a journal, for example, can keep your thoughts from building up and feeling overwhelming. Talk to a therapist, or a counselor, or anyone you trust, to keep yourself from hiding away all your thoughts and opinions. Finding a way to cope with the stress that life throws your way will help you tremendously.

6. Set Realistic Goals

Be reasonable. Setting goals for yourself that are naturally impossible will only disappoint you when you don’t end up making that accomplishment. Make daily, weekly, or monthly goals to help you stay on track to your big, long-term goals. Feeling accomplished for even the smallest things will help you stay in a good mindset.

7.  Be Grateful

Every day, tell yourself or write down something that you are grateful for. Bask in the feeling about the good things in your life. It will keep you thinking positive and not much on the negative. Realizing everything that you do have, instead of everything that you don’t, is guaranteed to improve your trails of thinking.

8. Do Something For Someone Else

Helping others gives you a great sense of accomplishment. Seeing a thankful response from someone else–for something that you did–will help you see more value in yourself and build up your self-esteem. It will drive your determination to do more positive things in your life. Nothing can go wrong when you are helping other people.

9. Take A Step Back

Sometimes when you face those moments when everything seems too much, take a step away from it all. Take a little time to de-stress and figure out what your priorities are before you take a step forward again. If you ignore your own pleas to backtrack and keep pushing forward when things are overwhelming you, you will only find a downfall. Sometimes you have to take a step back before you can move forward.

10. Start Today. Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow

Procrastination only ever makes things worse. Pushing things back until later, only builds your stress and worries on that subject. Do it now and get it out of the way. You will thank yourself later.

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