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Gifting Traditions

Every year, around the end of November, my mom, sisters, grandma and myself drive about an hour Huntington, WV and go to a mall to Christmas shop. It’s something we look forward to every year. We go into Hobby Lobby first, where we pick out all of our wrapping paper, gift tags and any other Christmas decorations we might need. Then we go to the big mall where we look around until we find gifts for everyone we are shopping for.

Personally, I really enjoy shopping for other people around Christmas time. Although, depending on how big your family is, it can cost a lot of money. If you do have a large family, give yourself a limit to how much you spend on each person. That way, you can keep track of how much you are going to spend this season.

Finding gifts for every single you want to buy for can be a struggle, too. If you have family members or friends that seem to already have everything, I can relate to that. By the chance you are finding yourself in this situation, it’s good to find gifts that they may already have, but you know they will use at one point, instead of buying something that will just be thrown into a random box or drawer and forgotten about. These are some ideas that may be used even if they already have something similar.

Good gifts for guys who have everything:

  • a new wallet
  • a new watch
  • personalized coffee mug
  • car care kits
  • tools

Good gifts for women who have everything

  • personalized jewelry
  • personalized blanket or pillow
  • candles
  • soaps/perfume
  • cookbook

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