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My Experience with Online Schooling

Along with the start of my junior year of high school, came a lot of unexpected migraines. With no idea where they suddenly came from or what was triggering them, they were becoming a large problem. I was getting them up to three times a week, which wasn’t enjoyable in the least. I was constantly signing out of school early or not going in at all. Medication wasn’t doing a considerable job in helping and I was getting behind in a lot of school work. As an A and B student, I was getting C’s for the first time and barely keeping myself from dropping from C’s and D’s to F’s. So, as a solution to this problem, I started online schooling in my second semester of junior year. It was something my school had just started and were calling “virtual school.” I was one of the first students to sign up and for me, I love it.

First off, it was a big change. I can be quite a social person and not being surrounded by a bunch of friends all the time was a little harder to get used to than anticipated, but it wasn’t that bad. Now, a year later, I still make time to meet up with them and spend as much time with them as often as I can gather us all together. That said, taking school online can mean more isolation than what you may be used to. I personally don’t mind it because I can think a lot better in a quiet room by myself. At a traditional school, there are constantly other students around, some of which can make quite a ruckus. It can be hard to concentrate, but not so much when you are studying and working on assignments by yourself.

That being said, it is easier to get distracted by your phone and/or the internet. You might get bored with what assignment you are supposed to be working on, or you might just want a break from the class. In a traditional school, you can’t just walk out whenever you feel like it and not get any backlash from it. With online schooling you kind of can. Everything is on your own time. You get a whole lot of flexibility with your working schedule, so it is possible to just stop working on an assignment and say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” It’s a lot easier to browse the internet or watch a movie instead of doing your school work, and that is something you will have to push past and keep yourself in check with. I’m completely guilty of doing it myself. It’s just something you have to watch yourself on and how often you catch yourself doing it. One move from “just checking to make sure I don’t have any unread emails,” can turn into “browsing through twitter” really fast without you even realizing it.

That flexibility though can be a good thing. As someone who works a part-time job, I can now work at any time of the day. I can work those opening shifts at work, unlike every other employee my age, who would be in school at that time. I can go work in the morning and do all my school work for that day in the evening and at night. As someone who seems to be able to focus better at night anyway, I prefer this a lot more. I can go grocery shopping with my mom, or go visit my sister and my nieces during the day and not have to worry about it because I can just do my work that evening. It’s no problem in those scenarios.

Another advantage of online schooling is that you can work at your own pace. Personally, I’m someone who learns a lot faster than some others do. I don’t have to have things explained to me multiple times, I can usually pick up on it quickly, and I have a little bit of a photographic memory. So, I can get more work done in a day or week, then I could at the public school I went to. I don’t have to wait for others to learn something I was already understanding. It would also work if you had trouble in the learning department and needed more time to understand something. Online schooling would be able to give you that time. As long as you finish all the semester’s work within the deadline date you are fine.

Switching from a traditional school to an online school isn’t for everyone, however. Some people do slack off and don’t do their work. They don’t have a requirement for how much work they have to complete in that day, week, or even that month, and a lot of the times there is no one around to keep them in check, so they end up with bad grades at the end of the semester because they couldn’t get caught up in time. That’s just how it is sometimes. But if you work hard, and keep yourself in line where you won’t get behind, then you will do just fine and completing all of your school work online won’t be a problem for you at all.

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