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Finding Spiritual Strength

I was raised a Baptist, and growing up, I always felt close with the Lord. Although I was young, I remember the moments in which I got Saved. We had just gotten home from a funeral of a family friend my age and I remember telling my mom that I wanted to go to Heaven like Sarah Grace, my friend who had passed away. I clearly remember my mother not hesitating and kneeling beside me in the room we were in and guiding me through a prayer, asking God to save me.

There’s also another vivid memory of me alone in my front yard. We had a large tree in front of our house with a rope swing that I was sitting on. This was years later, I was probably around twelve at this time, and I remember asking God once again to Save me. I knew it wasn’t needed because I hadn’t strayed away from Him since the first time I was Saved, but I was older this time and wanted to ask Him by myself. I wanted that moment with Him. So, I did.

Around the time I turned seventeen is when I really started listening to Christian & Gospel music on a more frequent basis. Of course growing up I listened to Christian & Gospel, but more so just in church or when one of my family members had it playing. I’m someone who is always listening to music, but up until that point, I had very few Worship songs on my phone. Now, I listen to Worship music pretty frequently. Sometime soon, I might write a post on all of my favorites. Listening to these songs can really help you keep God in mind every single day, just like you should.

Growing up in church, I learned a lot of what takes place and what is mentioned in the Bible. With that said, I used to want to study and learn more on my own time, I just didn’t know where to start. Most people would just say the beginning, but I was already so familiar with the Book of Genesis, that I wanted to start somewhere else. For me, this idea procrastinated the action of actually reading it. It wasn’t until my sister posted a verse on her Facebook, Psalm 61:1-2, asking for a special prayer, that I actually started reading the Bible on my own time and learning by myself. I fell in love with the verse immediately and found myself drawn to it, so, I opened my Bible, found the verse, and started reading through the verses of Psalms.

I own a journaling Bible, so studying is easy for me. As I’m reading, if there is a word I’m unfamiliar with, I’ll underline it, then write the definition off to the side so I will be reminded next time I read through that chapter. I also underline the verses that mean the most to me and the ones that give important inspirations. Obviously, everything in the Bible is important, but I just underline and/or summarize off to the side on everything that I think I need to keep in mind on a frequent basis. Sometimes, if I stumble across a verse that I fall in love with and want to read every day, then I will write it down on an index card and set it on my desk. Soon, I think I’m going to get a cork board and hang it on the wall above my desk to display those index cards there.

I’ve read online about Bible Journaling and different techniques on how to study the Bible, but this is what works best for me. It’s simple, and multiple different notebooks to keep all kinds of notes aren’t needed.


Keeping God in your everyday life is important and can really improve your outlook on everything. You learn to not worry as much about what life holds because you know you are already living God’s Plan.

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