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Be Successful with Your New Year Resolutions

We’ve reached the season of setting goals. To a lot of people, the start of a new year is their motivations to set new goals and pursue them. Others say that if you want to pursue a goal, start then and there–don’t bother waiting until the new year. And I agree with that statement. There’s no better time to start than the present, but I do understand how waiting until the new year helps people pursue their goals. It’s a mental thing. Out with the old and into the new. A lot of people, however, don’t go about tackling their new goals right and end up failing in their completion. Here is how you can be successful.

Work on one goal at a time.

Don’t multitask when working toward your goals for the new year–not in the beginning at least. Multitasking will stress you out. Trying to work on many goals at once will be overwhelming and seem impossible. Make your resolutions accomplishable but tackling them one at a time until you get used to working them into your everyday life.

Ease into it.

Aim high. Start low. If your lifestyle and daily routine changes drastically overnight then you won’t feel comfortable with the change. Take your time and ease into it. It will be easier for you and it will make your goals realistically more accomplishable.

Plan ahead.

Write down what you want to get done that day or week. Once you have everything written out in front of you, it’s easier to visualize when and what order you should complete all your goals to make it more efficient for you.


Each day, review yourself on how successful you have been while working on your goals. Have you done great? Did you fail? Could you do better? Track your performance and hold yourself accountable. Then, try again tomorrow.

Don’t stop. Keep going.

You have to keep working toward your goals, no matter what. If you haven’t been doing as well as you have wanted,  it’s okay. Don’t stop trying. Don’t give up. Instead, push yourself to be better.

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