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Old Poetry

When I was in my freshman year of high school, one of my poems was chosen to be published in “A Celebration of Poets” grades 7-9, Spring 2016. It’s not my best, but keep in mind I was thirteen when I wrote this. Just thought I would share it.

The Change of the Trees


In summer, leaves flourish and thicken trees,

Their bold colors begging for attention.

In fall they fade to brown and give displease,

Then fall from tree limbs without prevention.


Now leaving the tree limbs naked and bare,

The snow swirls in and covers them in white.

The trees wait all season for the warm air,

Waiting it out and fearing the frostbite.


Spring arrives with warm air that melts the snow,

Buds showing on limbs, ready to emerge.

New leaves come and turn bright colors to show,

The separate colors wonderfully merge.


The trees change many times throughout the year,

But all of the changes will reappear.

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