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Road Sickness

I was trying to act as your umbrella but was sometimes being the rain.

I didn’t mean to cause you to worry, I didn’t mean to complain.

But the road excites me. It’s fun to predict what the road signs will be.

I didn’t realize you were road sick. Sometimes you have to close your eyes. I understand now.

I always enjoyed road trips as a little girl, but so far, this one is my favorite.

I just wanted to show you the church and playground we would be passing by. We don’t have to stop and look.

You could stop and check it out with someone else in the future if you chose to.

But I hope you don’t. I want to envision this road trip lasting forever.

I want you to be the one with me at those mile markers, drawing out the next part of the map.

Hopefully, you’ll feel better soon.

A poem by Emily Clendenin

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